Nerdtalk Episode 30

I am legend
Der Nebel
Irina Palm
Rob Zombie’s Helloween

Vorgestellte Neustarts dieser Woche:
Der Nebel (Horror)
Joshua (Mistery-Thriller)
Once (Musical-Romanze)
P.S.: Ich liebe dich (Liebesdrama)

Die Lyrics zum Newssong:
First I was afraid
I wasn’t certified
I’ve never thought that I could live
With you here by my side
Well, my name sounds pretty blue
And that’s not the same with you
Cause your name bites in my ear
HD-DVD’s the word I fear.But now they
Show you the door
Say “We don not want that HD-DVD stuff anymore”
Noones buying the HD
So Universal, hear my plea,
If you say that it’s okay
I’m saying “Welcome, I’m Blu-Ray”And now I, I will survive
Blu-Ray disc’s the only format that you’ll need in your whole life
For the movies I was born
Soon you’ll even get some porn
I will survive, I will survive…Hey, hey

  1. Sebastian (Emoboy1987) 16.01.2008
  2. matze 22.01.2008
  3. Andreas 22.01.2008
  4. Matze 22.01.2008
  5. Andreas 23.01.2008
  6. Matze 28.01.2008

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